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BV Pijpers
Kloosterstraat 9
3960 Bree (Belgium)
tel: (+0032) 089461539
VAT no: 0418432066
Ondern.no: 0418432066

Terms and conditions for delivery with "Luxury 4 walls" a company from " BV Pijpers ".
When placing an order on luxury4walls.com you have to agree to our terms and conditions in order to continue. 
We hold the right to adjust these conditions whenever we see the need for it.

These terms and conditions are applicable to every offer from the vender  

General delivery and payment terms and conditions or 'BVBA Pijpers'

Article 1: An order implies that the terms and conditions below have been duly noted and accepted

By placing your order at ‘BVBA Pijpers’, you automatically agree with the delivery and payment terms and conditions below. We reserve the right to change or adjust them at any time.

The contracting partner/consumer is therefore presumed to have taken due note of the terms and conditions below and to have accepted the contents. 

Other or opposing terms and conditions of the contracting partner are regarded as not having been written, except where we have expressly accepted them. The fact that we do not explicitly reject these terms and conditions can under no circumstances whatsoever be interpreted as acceptance of other terms and conditions.

Article 2: Applicability to every offer and every distance contract

These general terms and conditions apply to every offer by the seller and to every distance contract that has been formed between the company and the consumer. If there is any doubt regarding the meaning of a stipulation, the interpretation that is most favourable for the consumer shall prevail.

General terms and conditions in other languages are provided for information purposes only. If there is any doubt regarding the contents or interpretation of these terms and conditions, the Dutch-language text shall prevail.

Article 3: Range

We offer a vast assortment of wallpaper and paint. In addition, we also sell a number of accompanying items such as floor mats, maintenance products, and textile paint. You can also order any equipment you need to do your wallpapering and painting work.

Every offer contains information clearly setting out to the consumer the rights and obligations linked to accepting the offer. In particular, these concern the following: 

* the seller’s identity and street address; 

* the most important properties of the goods or services; 

* the price, including all additional levies, taxes, and services that the consumer is obliged to pay; 

* any delivery costs; 

* the method of payment, delivery, and execution of the agreement; 

* whether or not there is a right of revocation; 

* the manner in which the goods may be taken back and reimbursed, including any accompanying costs; 

* the costs for using the distance communication technique if these are calculated on a basis differing from the basic rate; 

* the validity period of the offer or the price; 

* the minimum duration of the agreement in the case of agreements regarding the provision of sustainable or periodic services provision or the delivery of goods. 

All the seller’s offers are only valid for the period stated, failing which, for thirty days. 

Article 4: Agreement

The agreement is formed at the point in time that the consumer accepts the offer and fulfils the terms and conditions laid down for it.

If the consumer has accepted the offer electronically, the seller shall electronically acknowledge receipt of the acceptance of the offer as quickly as possible. If the agreement is formed electronically, the seller shall take appropriate technical and administrative measures to secure the electronic transfer of data and shall ensure that the web environment is secure. If the consumer can pay electronically, the seller shall duly regard appropriate security measures.

Within the confines of the law, the seller can ascertain whether the consumer can fulfil his, her, or its payment obligations and any facts and factors that are important to legitimately conclude a distance agreement. If, on the grounds of such examination, it has sound reason not to conclude the agreement, it has the right send a reasoned refusal of an order or request or to link special terms and conditions to the execution of such agreement.

 After the order has been placed, the seller shall send the consumer an acknowledgement of receipt - in writing or on any other sustainable carrier that is at the disposal of the consumer and is accessible to him, her, or it - which contains a summary of the order.

Article 5: Right of revocation

In the case of a distance goods purchase, the consumer has the possibility of revoking the agreement within 14 calendar days of purchasewithout paying a fine and without giving any reason. Such revocation period commences on the day after the goods have been delivered to the consumer or to a representative whom he, she, or it has designated and communicated to the seller in advance.

The consumer shall treat the goods and the packaging carefully during the revocation period. He, she, or it shall unpack or use the goods only if this is necessary to be able to assess whether he, she, or it wishes to keep them.

The consumer can only exercise the right of revocation in the following manner and subject to the following strict terms and conditions. The consumer can return his, her, or its order to the seller within 14 calendar days as from the day following the one on which the goods were delivered. The consumer must contact the seller by email at the following address: info@luxury4walls.com. The consumer must personally assume liability for the costs of returning the goods. Returned goods shall only be accepted if - where reasonably possible - the goods and all the accessories delivered are returned to the seller in their original state and packaging, by registered delivery or with acknowledgement of receipt. The acknowledgement of receipt shall apply as proof of the date. Stained, damaged, washed or seriously dented items shall not be accepted. 

The consumer shall assume responsibility for damage or loss if he, she, or it returns the goods. For the purposes of using his, her, or its right of revocation, the consumer shall follow the pertinent reasonable and clear instructions that the company provides with the offer and/or, at the latest, upon delivery.

The right of revocation can be excluded, provided that the seller has notified the consumer that there is no right of revocation and only if this relates to the delivery of goods that have been manufactured in accordance with the consumer’s specifications or if they are clearly personal in nature. 

You will find our return form on our website.

Article 6: Exceptions to the right of revocation

The Economic Law Code provides a number of exceptions to the right of revocation. You will find the articles applicable to our company below:

Article VI.53 The consumer cannot exercise the right of revocation provided by Article VI. 47 for the following:

3° delivery of goods that are manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or that are intended for a particular person;

6° the delivery of goods which, due to their nature, have been irrevocably mixed with other products.

Article 7: Price

Except for price changes as a result of changes in the VAT rates, the prices of the goods and/or services offered are not increased during the validity period stated in the offer.

In derogation from the previous subparagraph, the seller can offer variable prices for goods or services for which the prices are dependent on fluctuations on the financial market and on which the company does not have any influence. Such dependence on fluctuations and the fact that any prices mentioned are indicative prices shall be stated in the offer.

The prices mentioned in the offer of goods or services include any additional levies, taxes, and services which the consumer is obliged to pay.

The consumer shall assume liability for the transport costs. The consumer shall be notified of the amount due for the transport in advance.  Such cost cannot be reclaimed if the right of revocation is exercised.

Article 8: Delivery not in conformity – exchange – guarantee

The consumer is familiar with the fact that the colour on the digital image can deviate slightly from reality. The consumer shall therefore also check the conformity of his, her, or its order during the revocation period. Apart from this possibility, deviations from the digital image can never give cause for cancellation, termination, or compensation for damages. 

Wallpaper posters, stickers, and paints tailored to or coloured especially for the customer cannot be returned under the right of revocation.

If the goods delivered are not in conformity, they can be exchanged free of charge, on condition that the seller is notified of the non-conforming or incorrect delivery within 24 hours after they have been delivered. The packaging and the product as such must be fully intact and sellable. The seller shall be liable for any accompanying transport costs. 

Article 9: Delivery

The address that the consumer communicated to the seller serves as the delivery address. The pre-set delivery period is stated for every product. The seller shall execute accepted orders no later than within 30 days, to be counted from the day following the day on which the consumer sent his, her, or its order to the company, unless a longer delivery period is agreed. If the seller does not execute the agreement in good time, the consumer has the right to terminate it without judicial intervention and merely by registered notification to the seller, on condition that the company has not yet dispatched the goods ordered or has not started providing the service ordered. No payment or costs whatsoever can be demanded from the consumer on the grounds of such termination. 

In the case of termination in accordance with the previous subparagraph, the seller shall repay the amount that the consumer has paid no later than within 30 days following the termination. 

For more information regarding our after-sales service, click here.

Article 10: Transport

Any damage as a result of the transport must be indicated on the signed transport/delivery note. Such damage must always be communicated to the seller within 24 hours from the moment that the consumer received the goods. 

The seller shall make every effort to exchange the damaged goods or shall provide another appropriate form of compensation. 

Article 11: Transport costs

Transport costs depend on the weight of the order and the destination. When you fill in your address in the checkout, you can see your total shipping cost.

Article 12: Payment

Unless there is any other agreement, the consumer shall immediately pay the amounts owed in full at the moment at which the agreement is concluded. The consumer is obliged to report to the seller without delay any inaccuracies in the payment details provided or stated. If the consumer fails to pay, the seller shall have the right to claim interest at 10% per year and compensation for damages in the amount of 10% of the invoice amount (with a minimum of EUR 75.00), subject to statutory limitations.

Article 13: Complaints

Complaints regarding the execution of the agreement must be set out comprehensively and clearly and filed with the seller within a period of 30 days after the consumer has or could have established the defects, subject to careful examination of the received goods. The complaint must be transmitted by registered post or with an acknowledgement of receipt. The date of the acknowledgement of receipt shall apply as proof of the timely complaint.

Complaints filed with the seller shall be answered within a reasonable period as from the date on which they were received. Where the complaint processing time is expected to last longer, the seller shall answer by sending an acknowledgement of receipt within a reasonable period and perhaps and, if possible, indicating when the consumer can expect a more detailed answer. 

Article 14: Damages

The seller cannot be held responsible for the damages which the consumer has personally caused pursuant to using/fitting the product incorrectly. 

Article 15: Applicable law and competent Courts (Belgium)

Belgian law exclusively governs any agreements between the seller and the consumer. Any disputes arising from agreements between the seller and the consumer shall fall under the exclusive competence of the Courts of the Judicial District of Limburg.  

However, the seller shall be able to file a case with any other Court competent in accordance with the law, therefore also the Court of the consumer’s location. You can find more information at http://ec.europa.eu/odr/.

Article 16: Extension for seller’s options of proof

The seller shall be able to freely provide proof of its obligations without being bound by the non-mandatory provisions relating to proof laid down in the Civil Code and the Commercial Code only if the other party is not a retailer (‘consumer’).

Article 16: Complaints and disputes (BeCommerce membership)

‘BVBA Pijpers’ is a member of BeCommerce. This means that we must adhere to the code of conduct drawn up by BeCommerce: https://www.becommerce.be/upload/Gedragscode%20BeCommerce%20Kwaliteitslabel20131021095552.pdf

BeCommerce is the Belgian association of companies operating in distance sales, selling through the internet and, therefore, all forms of e-commerce. BeCommerce wants to develop the sector’s growth and to reinforce consumer confidence in distance purchasing by way of raising awareness, informing, promoting, and certifying e-commerce websites through the BeCommerce Quality Label and its own code of conduct.

You can contact BeCommerce if you have any complaints about our company. They function as an extra-judicial complaints department.

Article 17: Privacy and data processing

Your privacy is guaranteed at ‘BV Pijpers’. We will never transmit your personal details to third parties. Your details are stored only in our customer database and will be used solely to keep you updated on interesting offers. If you do not want this, all you need do is send us an email requesting us to remove your details from our database. You can always request, view, or change your details. 

The privacy of your bank details is secured by accredited payment systems such as Sisow, Mollie, and PayPal. These companies meet the strictest security prescriptions in the sector. Therefore, you can rest assured that your payment is secure. However, there is no problem if you prefer to pay by bank transfer. Select ‘pay in advance’ or ‘bank transfer’ from the payment menu. You will be provided with the necessary details to complete your bank transfer.